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16.5.2017: Strange Creatures
In deep forest and forgotten places you can see strange things... like this relative of Loch Ness monster climbing on the remains of that collapsed farm house.
16.5.2017: Home That Once Were
From last place I did get to another map find. It was also far away at countryside. Road to there were almost completely taken by forest... once upon a time this have been someone's home.
If you have wondered (or be grateful) why I have post so little photos lately, here is a reason. Or two reasons actually. First of all our "new" car, that 1997 1.6 Golf which we did buy at 11.12. last year, have been causing bit problems. Doesn't promise too good for future, because it were driven just 172 000 kilometers when we did bought it and still no more than 175 000. That is one reason.

Another reason have been literally big change in our living: we did move. Actually I did give our keys away just few hours ago. 13 years we did live in that 38 square meter one room flat. We probably wouldn't move out there even now, but there is big fixes coming to plumbing system at this year which could turn life to hell for long time.

So we did move. Not too far away, just 200 meters and we actually can see our old house from here. This apartment is at third floor of house without elevator, so moving project were pretty good sport. Good thing is that after that slog climbing those 54 stairs doesn't feel anymore at all. But yeah, this is pretty much bigger: 58 square meters with living room, kitchen, bedroom and balcony. You can believe it did feel almost too big after all those years, but now it feels good already. Rent is of course higher (480 euros per month + water by consumption). That makes me bit nervous, because I really can't estimate how much water we are spending and anyway that rent only takes half of my income when I'm unemployed like now. But I suppose we will manage.

But those owners of that old place did came to check it's condition. We really did put our best to it, clean it as well as possible and guess what: after 13 years only bad thing were wallpaper and even that only there were our bed were all those years. And still I was nervous as hell. In those 13 years we did go through 32 % rise of rent. Every rent was always paid in time. Two (2) times we did have to ask something. First our (old) fridge did broke. As you may remember, I've been wasting many summers in company that recycles fridges, freezers etc. so I know that 15 year old fridge really is old at these days. Still they did blame us that we have use it wrong, it's our fault that it did broke. I'm not actually sure how you can use freezer wrongly, but I didn't ask neither and finally they did bring new one (and leave that old one to us to get rid off).

Second time one small plastic thing did broke from our toilet's water system. It did take two weeks to get them believe that it's better to call repairman to check it (it did leak water to floor all that time and at same time they did blame that it's our fault that it did broke, they did even wonder if we have put cat litter(!) to that water system, I mean into that cictern! No need to mention that we weren't even allowed to have pets in that apartment.

But now it is over, 13 years in that apartment. They were pleased about apartment's condition and for my eyes it were absolutely similar than 13 years ago, except that wallpaper at the bedside. They did bring to us chocolate bar and we did give them bottle of wine. Actually meeting were quite nice, they did act nicely and so did I.

And then we were on that point.

When we did move there, they did want one month's rent to deposit. That woman, older woman, did start to think "and now, how much should I cut off from this deposit because this normal wearing"? I was so much confused that I weren't able to say anything but "it's up to you", because just before she were praising how good condition that apartment is after all those years and how it's obvious that surfaces will wear out through the years (and there that wallpaper were only thing that was did that) and mainly: here in Finland normal wearing is something that you cant cut off from rental deposit.

After a while she did ask would I be pleased if she gives back 250 euros from that 290 euros. I still were so confused that I weren't able to say nothing but yes and thanks... thinking that at least this is better than less.

But now it is over, that 13 years period at there. Lot of good memories, some bad memories too. Most I will miss some other people that did live there, especially elder people and over all: that view which I think were better than view in this one, even this ain't bad either. Have to check if I will publish some photos from this new apartment sooner or later... or should I?
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Suensyan's Profile Picture
Petri Volanen
Born at '76. I did start photographing at 2004 when I did get my first digital camera. First SLR camera (Canon 1100D) I did get at 2013, and now I'm using my second (Canon 1200D). I have 3 objects to that: Canon 18-35mm, Canon 75-300mm and Tamron 35-270mm. I have always try to keep my stuff as cheap as possible. First of all I don't have too much money and I spent it rather to get photographing than expensive stuff to get photos. There is also that side in cheap stuff that I don't have to feel pity for them; now I can torture them in snowstorms and rain etc. as much as I want to. With more expensive things... I don't think it would be so.

I love nature photographing. Marsh and snowstorms are probably most important subjects to me what comes to nature photographing. Light is also very, very, very important thing for me.

I love abandoned places, and I have photograph them since 2004. I also have site called "Autiot ja unohdetut". First it were traditional website, but few years ago it did move to Facebook:…

I also love horses (and we have 1 own pony too), so I also love photographing horses.


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