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16.2.2017: Calm Winter Morning at the Marsh
Amazingly beautiful winter morning: blue sky but fog on the ground. I did get to Torronsuo national park, where walking were easy: marsh was as frozen as it ever gets (there are some parts that doesn't freeze ever) and snow... just little bit. I did make long and free walk there, going everywhere where I did tought to see possible photos thinking "this is amazing and I will get lot of photos". Wrong. After all this was only one to keep of from deleting. But again... one is better than none. :)
15.2.2017: Broadcast of Oblivion
Part of chaos from second room; remembering how beautiful it was before, like someone would have just get outside and would be coming back at any minute. Not anymore.
Strange, but again one year have become history. So now it's good moment to look back and ask: what do I remember from 2016?

First of all it was my hardest year since school hell. Of course there were my father's alcoholism hanging backround with rope on his neck, but suddenly he did dry at the end of summer and he have been dry since then. It really feels like miracle, but of course with that kind of history - maybe 15 years almost all the time with at least 1 liter 40% alcohol per day... it is addiction, real mental and physical addiction, so you really can't believe it would stop like hundred to zero... even I of course dream that it would be so. Future will tell.

So end half of last year were really stress free from that side of life. But that "relationship tragedy" from February does reflect still to us and whole year have been one rollercoaster ride from high to low and low to high. We've been together since 1999, so I try (and I want) to believe that hey, when we are speaking this long relationships it's kind of natural law that at some point some shit will appear. At this point it was really heavy shit and we have been soooo close to splitting up that never, ever before. I actually suppose that there have been few times when... if I would have known that there still can be someone to come into my life, live with my strange lifestyle (in which I work just short periods and spent most of time photographing) and tolerate me like I am, I probably would have gone. But my sense is telling me facts: I did turn to 40 at this year. I'm not handsome or nothing like that, and I know much better mans that have get their own thinking how they will find something else soon... and who still are creating alcoholism alone. And how you could throw away 18 years of shared history? At least there should be something to replace it instead of just throwing it away. Today I'm again pretty positive, but also realistic so this still is kind of day to day path.

Hmm... what else?

Like I did wrote, at last year I did have my 40th birthday. Did it change anything? No. I still feel completely same as before. But at same time I kind of fear how fast time is running, it goes so fast that it's hard to even understand.

We did buy a new car. Well, new is wrong word but to us jump from 1988 1.3 Corolla to 1997 1.6 Golf was real change. It was kind of find. It have just one owner, it have always maintained well, it is completely rust free, it has winter and summer tires like new ones and it has driven just 172 000 kilometers, so there should be car for many years.

I did do 38 450 push-ups in 8 month (I did work for 4 months and at that time I didn't do them at all). At the end of last year I did also start to do abdominal muscle motions, 2855 of them to the end of this year.

I did read 31 books (8447 pages).

I did do 155 photographing trips. Urban exploration related things 71 times, nature 54 and other things like horses, humans, cars etc. 30 times, in total of 328,5 hours.

I did sell 920 photos from these photo agencies:

Mostphotos: 30
Redbubble: 33
Shutterstock: 851
Vastavalo: 6

Less than last year, but because for me EVERY sold photo is small miracle, I'm happy with those.

I did get "honorable mention" at Finland's biggest annual naturephoto competition (in landscape series).

My Urban exploration focused page (Autiot ja unohdetut) did climb over 2000 page likes.

Best albums of year 2016 were:

  • Amaranthe - Maximalism
  • Amon Amarth - Jomsviking
  • Insomnium - Winter's Gate
  • Kitty in a Casket - Kiss & Hell
  • Lacuna Coil - Delirium
  • Netherbird - The Grander Voyage
  • Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree
  • Running Wild - Rapid Fooray
  • Skuggsja - A Piece for Mind & Mirror
  • The Hellfreaks - Astoria

4 of those were over others: Amaranthe, Insomnium, Netherbird and Cave. All of those albums are 110% amazing experiences.

At 2016 I did drink beer 162 times, so there were 204 completely alcohol free days. In total of 156,5 liters. With beer I did also take 65 times stronger alcohol, mostly whiskey, absinthe or vodka. Below are all beers that I did drink at 2016, assorted by "how many liters of each" I did drink:

  1.  Olvi Sandels   (39,8 liters)
  2. A. Le Coq Premium Export A   (13,5 liters)
  3. Olvi III   (7,5 liters)
  4. Olvi Tuplapukki   (6,9 liters)
  5. Heineken   (6,4 liters)
  6. Koff   (6 liters)
  7. A. Le Coq Premium / Aura / Carlsberg   (4,5 liters of each)
  8. Karhu   (4,1 liters)
  9. Kalnapilis Original   (4 liters)
  10. Staropramen Prague   (3,5 liters)
  11. Lapin Kulta III   (3,3 liters)
  12. Tuborg   (2,8 liters)
  13. Foster's   (2,1 liters)
  14. Bavaria / Koff APA   (2 liters of each)
  15. Bohemia Regent President / Karhu Huurre / Novopacke Pivo / Peroni Nastro Azzurro   (1,5 liters of each)
  16. Corona / Tsingtao   (1,2 liters of each)
  17. Budweiser / Hartwall Brewster / Hop Venture American Lager / Karhu Tuplahumala / Laitilan Kukko / Light Beer / Olvi CXX XV / Olvi Sandels Special Edition / Zywiec   (1 liters of each)
  18. Miller Genuine Draft / Mythos / Sierra Nevada Pale Ale   (0,9 liters of each)
  19. San Miguel   (0,8 liters)
  20. Brewmasters Collection India Pale Ale Nikolai / Sol / Stella Artois   (0,6 liters of each)
  21. A. Le Coq Gold / American Session IPA / Brewer's Special Houston Brown Ale / Brewmasters Collection Belgian Wheat / Eldorado Lager / Holba / Hop Venture Belgian Wheat / Hop Venture English IPA / Keisari 2nd Avenue / Kronbacher Pils / Laitilan Pale Ale / Marsalkka Vahva / Neuzeller Bock / Olvi Sandels Vehnä / Olvi XMAS Ipa / Prykmestarin Pääsiäisolut Porter / Rebel / Royal Dutch / Spaten Munchen / Spitfire Gold / Stadin American Lager / Warsteiner / Weidmann Hefeweissbier   (0,5 liters of each)
  22. Asahi / Birra Moretti / Brewer's Special ESB / Brewer's Special Joker Hop Ale / Brooklyn East IPA / Dos Equis XX / Founders Porter / Impala Imperial Pils / Karjala III / Nikolai India Pale Ale / Red Stripe / Saku Karl Friedrich / Valamon Luostari Dubbel Olut   (0,3 of each)

And weather at 2016 in my hometown, Forssa:

Cloudless sunshine: 33 days
Half cloudy: 80 days
Cloudy: 178 days
Rain: 52 days
Snow: 22 days

Coldest temperature were -24 Celsius and warmest +26.

And finally: have I any plans to 2017? Yes I do:

  • I try to stay alive.
  • I try to photograph as much as possible.
  • I'll try to read more than 2016.
  • I'll try to take every moment as a gift, enjoy them and stress less (I bet this won't work).
  • I'll try to get my brains off so I would be stupid enough to send my photos to book publishers (dream of second photobook still lives on even I don't be quite sure why - even that first one didn't feel too much of nothing; my brains did tell me really well how many much, much, much better photobooks are being released all the time and how my photos ain't so wondrous at all).


  • Listening to: Silence
  • Reading: Mick Wall: Lemmy
  • Watching: My computer's screen
  • Eating: Nothing right now
  • Drinking: Tea


Suensyan's Profile Picture
Petri Volanen
Born at '76. I did start photographing at 2004 when I did get my first digital camera. First SLR camera (Canon 1100D) I did get at 2013, and now I'm using my second (Canon 1200D). I have 3 objects to that: Canon 18-35mm, Canon 75-300mm and Tamron 35-270mm. I have always try to keep my stuff as cheap as possible. First of all I don't have too much money and I spent it rather to get photographing than expensive stuff to get photos. There is also that side in cheap stuff that I don't have to feel pity for them; now I can torture them in snowstorms and rain etc. as much as I want to. With more expensive things... I don't think it would be so.

I love nature photographing. Marsh and snowstorms are probably most important subjects to me what comes to nature photographing. Light is also very, very, very important thing for me.

I love abandoned places, and I have photograph them since 2004. I also have site called "Autiot ja unohdetut". First it were traditional website, but few years ago it did move to Facebook:…

I also love horses (and we have 1 own pony too), so I also love photographing horses.


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